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Burned Pine Boards


Tall and elegant pines are arguably one of nature’s most eye pleasing trees. Inspired by their beauty we created uniquely shaped slicing and serving boards – some of them are really sky reaching! These boards come in four slender shapes and can be natural or charred. The latter is a tribute to japanese yakisugi, or shou sugi ban technique, which makes Pine boards more water-proof, while remaining gentle on your knives. Whether you are slicing a single celery or celebrating with
friends, Pine boards will be as handy as they are decorative.

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Material: pine

Size S: 20x38x2 cm
Size M: 11x62x2 cm
Size L: 20x62x2 cm
Size XL: 20x82x2 cm

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11x62x2 cm, 20x38x2 cm, 20x62x2 cm, 20x82x2 cm