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About Us

We are a company developing creative design projects since 2009. We specialize in home decor, gifts products from natural wood. We always looking for a deep idea. Gift or garment should amaze, inspire and to be long-lived. Our clients are companies which are looking for high quality products and service culture. Our people is our treasure. Through the working years we have gathered the best team of professionals. We are working with well-known and recognized artists and fashion designers in Lithuania. Finally, why are we “Rio Lindo” (The swank river)? Because it is flowing, rippling, widening and narrowing. It is transparent in any depth, it shines in the sun and it can wash hands. Because the things that inspire and make us happy are not necessarily logic explained. But they are REAL.

Lithuanian oak.

Lithuanian linen.

Things that inspire.

More than 10 yrs experience.

The goal of every one we create and produce is to inspire, amaze!!

Trusts us.

We are proud of our long-standing relationship with some of the largest and strongest companies in our industry.